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Comprehensive Eye Exams

Regular eye exams are an invaluable tool in maintaining healthy eyes by detecting and preventing disease. Some diseases develop slowly without causing pain or vision loss. Early detection of any problems can reduce the risk of further harm and allow for a choice of treatment options. Part of your exam includes the following procedures: Slit Lamp Examinations, Dilated Eye Exams, Refraction for Glasses and Contact Lenses and Glaucoma Pressure Testing as well as a series of computerized tests to determine the health of your eyes.

Macular Degeneration Screening

Macular degeneration is a chronic eye disease that can severely impact vision. The most common type is called dry macular degeneration. The less common wet form is more severe and can be very disabling. Today, through early detection and treatment, eye care professionals are better able to manage this disease.

Glaucoma Evaluation and Screening

Glaucoma, the leading cause of blindness and visual impairment, is an eye disease that can lead to a permanent loss of vision. We provide all diagnostic and treatment options for glaucoma care. Glaucoma generally provides no warning signs or symptoms of disease, making testing an important part of a full vision exam.

Optomap Retinal Imaging

Digital retinal images are an important part of an eye exam that can help many patients find out if they have eye disease early on. A digital retinal image, also known as an optomap image, is a quick and painless exam that takes a panoramic digital photo of the retina in order to check for eye health and eye disease. The retina is the only place in the body that blood vessels can be seen directly, which makes it ideal for spotting certain diseases like diabetes, stroke and heart disease, which can affect the blood vessels. The optomap process is simply a short test where the patient looks through a type of portal upon which a flash of light hits the eye to photograph the image. Most patients will not need their eyes dilated for this procedure. The entire photo capture takes under a second and provides immediate images for the doctor to look over.

Visual Field Testing

Visual field testing is used to check for eye diseases like glaucoma and to test the health of the eyes. The visual field is the area patients can see without moving their head or their eye, and the test is conducted with a visual field screener, or auto-perimeter. The test requires patients to look at small spots in the middle of the screener in order to keep their eyes still and to respond when a target goes off. There are a couple of different ways of testing using a visual field screener. The first is called static testing. In this test, the target does not move. A quick flash of light is set off in one area of the field of vision as the patient looks straight ahead. The patient is instructed to look towards a central spot so that they do not move their eyes in search of the target.

In Kinetic testing, a moving target is used outside the patient’s field of vision. The patient is asked to respond when they see a spot of light and may be tiring, as it takes more than one attempt to try the test out before the patient understands how to do it. Some patients may need to come back more than once to complete the test. This allows the optometrist to get the best possible results from the test. Although it may be difficult to keep looking at the central spot while the target is flashing around, the patient can get the hang of it. They are then asked what they see around the field of vision while they continue looking towards the central spot. Because it may take more than one time to take the test, it does not mean there is something wrong with the patient’s vision, just that they need to get better results from the test.

Emergency Eye Care

As highly skilled eye care professionals, our optometrists are well equipped to handle many types of eye emergencies and stand ready to provide you, as well as any member of your family, with prompt and effective care. If you have received an injury to your eye, gotten something stuck in your eye, your eye is red or painful, or are experiencing a sudden loss of vision or unusual visual disturbances, it is important that you contact our office right away for care. These are urgent situations that may require immediate attention to prevent more serious consequences, including increased injury, infection, and even vision loss. By providing expert care, our optometrist(s) at Dr. Marian Kim & Associates will precisely diagnose, treat, and help you to manage your eye care emergency.

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